By Giny B.
Grade 5, Maryland

The war happened in nineteen thirty-nine. The war was in Europe, Africa, Philippines, Japan and other islands. There was a man in the war. He is still alive today. That is how I got to do my interview. His name is Don L. Mr.Don survived the war because he was stationed in the U.S. In the war he served in the Army Air Force working in the production board. Mr.Don feels that war is unnecessary to do. Mr.Don wishes that people and countries would learn how to get along. I also wish that family and friends should not die that way. You and I know that if we just keep them in our hearts they would know that we do care about them.

Sometimes I feel so bad because I know a lot of people are crying because their families or friends died in the war. I hope that war does not occur again. So, don't hate so badly that you have to fight. I know how people feel about the war. The countries who fought should not do what they did. Thousands of people died and thousands of people were crying, hoping, and wishing that the war would stop that minute. Nobody wants to get hurt and no one wants anyone to get hurt. Everyone lives for life not to die. If you know how I feel you might start to cry. Some little kids are still alive maybe looking for food, their family maybe even a home. Those children need a lot of help.

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