By Amanda .
Grade 7, Maryland
Country of Origin: Poland

I came to America when I was 14 years old with my stepsister and stepbrother on a ship in 1912. I came to America to make a better life for myself.

We were the first members of our family to come
to America. The trip to America was very hard. We were stuffed together like cabbages and very poor. We were third class. When I first saw America, I thought it was very beautiful.

The only things I brought with me from Poland were some dishes sent for my wedding. I was a student in Poland, and I also worked very hard on the family farm. When I came to America, I got a job in a Jewish coat factory and was a housekeeper.

I loved my school in Poland. It was a private school and I learned 12 languages. In America, I only went to school to learn English. In Poland, I went to Polish dances to have fun.

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