North Carolina

By James L.
Grade 6, North Carolina

A long time ago, the biging of word war 2. Amerca became itorested in the war whene the Chines bomed Porl harbor. At first thousands of Ameracen war ships wore distrode. Thay tholt that the Chines Amercans wore spice so thay sent thim to war camps as priseners. It wasn't easy for thim in the camps but thay made do with whut they had. The Amecans had trubles too. Since all the men whent to fite in the war the weman had to fill ther shoes, by working in mills and plants bilding cars,planes,ships, and other producs. The kids also helped by making paper drives and matle drives tring to culect muteareuls to make whepeans. Pots and pens wher given to the coss. After the war was over the war camps were closed and its priseners were realesded and given a wreaaten epoligy and 20,000 dollers to start ther lives over

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