North Carolina

By Kaitlynn L.
Grade 6, North Carolina

Anne Frank a young girl of thirteeen at the time when the Nazis' arrived in Amsterdam. She had just celebrated her birthday when they invaded the country she felt safe in. They took her friends, her parents, and most of all they took her life too.The Frank family had tried to hide in the building in which Otto Frank worked. They hid for five years. Then the Nazis' eventually found them. When they did they took all of them to a concentration camp. But after a few days at the camp her best friend Hanneli. When Hanneli tries to throw food over the fence they're divided by. Another person got it the first time but the second she caught it and went into the darkness to eat. It was only her and her sister in her family now. The Nazis' had killed them all. Finally they all died and the only one that lived was Hanneli. She still loves Anne and she can still feel her when she tells about her.

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