North Carolina

By Hannah B.
Grade 6, North Carolina

Hiroshima was one of the first citys to be attacked with a nuclear bomb. Hiroshmia was a small city in Japan. Hiroshima's people would grow tired of the false attack alarms so they learned to just ignore them. The American B-29 bomber planes would always fly over Hiroshima and attack other citys such as Osaka and Tokyo. Later on many people would wish that they had payed more attention to the warning signals. The morning of August 6, 1945 around 8:15 a.m. people began to see B-29 bombers overhead. The sirens started sounding but everyone just went about doing their usual dutys but for most of Hiroshima's people's lives were about to be forever changed. Falling from the sky people saw a bomb falling towards their city, coming from the B-29 American plane that they thought was headed for the city of Tokyo. This atomic bomb fell behind Mount Hiji,the direct spot where the bomb hit is called

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