North Carolina

By Stephanie C.
Grade 6, North Carolina

The story Hiroshima: a surivior story is about a japanese man named Francis Mitsuo Tomosawa who lived in america but had japanese heritage. When he was eleven he moved to Japan for about four years. During that time Japan was at war with the United States of America. While Japan and USA were at war the USA dropped a atomic bomb behind Mt.Hiji even though many people were hurt or even killed, Mitsuo and his mom didnt die. Unfortunatly Mitisuos mom had gottena bad cut on her neck and later got cancer on that spot and died. After Mitsuo and his mom were healed they volenteered at the hospital. It took 3 years for Mitsuos papre work to go through, Mitsuo finally got to go back to his home to see his father.

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