North Carolina

By kim o.
Grade 6, North Carolina

The people in hiroshima uesed to be very scared of the planes that would fly over head and the sirens would go off . people finly stared to ignore the sireans. htey would go off and people would just keep doing what they where day mitsuo mother was on her way to work and realizes that she has left some papers at then she runs back home to grab them. She ends up not making her streetcar. so she has to walk to work.Mitsuo her son is at his work 2 miles from Hiji mountan. Some air plans fly over head and the sireans sound of coures no one pays it ation to the sireans. Mitsou looks up and sees that the air plans turn around and come back. While he is looking at the plans he notised something falling from the sky.It waswas a atomic bome was going to hit Hiji moutan. he is 2 miles away from there. so he was not killed. Nether was his mother.

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