By Katia M.
Grade 4, Illinois
Country of Origin: Mexico

My name is Katia and my age is 10. This story is about my mom. My mom's name is Maribel. My mom is from Guerrero, Mexico. My mom came here with a coyote. When my mom came to the U.S.A. she was 24 years old. My mom paid a coyote $ 225.00. My mom stayed with my aunts and uncles in Chicago. My mom came here for a better life. There were a lot of dangers crossing the border. My mom hired the coyote when she was at the border. It was a long journey to pass through the desert. It was very hot. There were a lot of immigration officers. My mom was scared when she crossed the desert. At night it was cold. She was thirsty. My mom wanted to go back to Guerrero, but she continued to cross the desert. I am happy to live in the United States of America

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