By Virginie .
Grade 7, Maryland
Country of Origin: Canada

I came to America from Canada in 1979. I came because my new husband was working at the World Bank in Washington, DC. I was the first one in my family to come to America.

The trip to America was lovely. We went on our honeymoon at the beach. When I first came to America, I couldn't understand the English accent, and the food was very different from what I was used to eating. I brought all of my wedding gifts with me, including very nice silver candlesticks because they were beautiful and old and were a heirloom from my grandmother.

I was a graduate student in Canada at the university before I came to America. Now, I am a devoted wife and mother, but I used to be a real estate agent.

The schools in Canada and America are almost the same, except that I studied French in Canada, and Canadian history instead of American history. I liked to do figure skating, skiing and sledding when I lived in Canada because it was so cold!

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