By Stephanie H.
Grade 5, Arizona

Parents and teachers say that kids watch too much TV. I disagree! I think kids don't get to watch enough TV. Because we have too much homework or we have too many after school activites, kids nowadays never get time to relax and veg out like kids in the past used to. First off, teachers seem to think that all kids have to do every day is homework. Every teacher piles it on and on like they are the only teacher a kid has. In my middle school alone, each of my 5 teachers gives me at least 30 mintues of homework a night. That adds up to 150 minutes of homework every night ( 2 and one half hours!) That's just wrong! How is a kid supposed to unwind from a hard day of thinking at school, if he or she has 2 1/2 hours of homework a night? Sometimes I can barely fit in dinner and bath before my parents make me go to bed! Secondly, add into a kid's daily mix some after school activites. Imagine if a kid plays sports or dances or plays an instrument, that kid doesn't even get home to start their homeowrk until at least 5:30 or 6:00pm. Again a kid has to to eat dinner sometime in the evening before they can really settle in to their homework. Also sometimes parents make kids wash dishes or load the dishwasher, so once again, this cuts into a kid's quality TV viewing time. Finally, a family that watches TV together IS spending quality time together. Because kids have so much homework or have lots of activiteis families don't have that much time to spend with each other. By watching TV together, kids and parents have a chance to talk with each other and discuss the TV show or something about their day. Because kids are overloaded with homeowrk or after-school activiites,no time to relax or spend quality time their parents, I think kids should be able to watch more TV.

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