By Simone W.
Grade 8, Georgia

Should uniforms be a part of public school education? Before you can answer this question you should look at all the pros and cons. Uniforms these days are not very fashionable. Uniforms could solve many middle school problems and it could also start many problems. There are many reasons why we should have school uniforms and why we should have schoool uniforms and why we should not. One reason we should not have school uniforms is that school uniforms have no use outside of school. Parents spend their money and the children wear it for the whole year, and when the school year is over what can you do with uniforms? Nothing. That is a big waste of money. Also students can wear the same thing they wear to school on the weekends and to other special events. You cannot do that with school uniforms. One reason why we should have school uniforms is that school uniforms save parents money. The way that prices are rising on clothes, a uniform would probably be the next cheap thing. Although you cannot wear them outside of school, you can wear them in school and on the weekends you could wear your regular clothes. If you don't wear your regular clothes during the week to school, your parents don't have to buy you so many clothes. Another reason uniforms are bd is, school uniforms cut down on a students individuality. Clothes show your sense of style. Some people's sense of style are different than others. What you where reflects you,because what you wear can also show your pesonality. I think your clothes show your uniqueness, wearing uniforms would take that away. Another reason why wearing uniforms would be good is, kid's who's parent's could not buy them the newest fad, would not be embarrassed. Some kids are ridiculed because of what they wear. This makes kids feel bad about themselves. With everybody wearing uniforms this problem would stop. The last reason why we should not wear uniforms is, some parent identify their children by what they wear. If something were to happen how would they identify their child? If everybody is wearing the same thing the parents discriptions would'nt make much of a difference. If we wear regular clothes that would not be a problem. So should uniforms be a part of middle school education? Maybe. As you can see uniforms stop problems and start problems.

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