Grade 7, Alabama

I think having another locker period is great. We should have another locker period because, we will have better grades, less heavy books, and more free time. Some people think that we don't need another locker period because it's a waste of time. The more books you carry, the more balance you have. The grades won't get any better. I think many students would love to have an extra locker period. Having an extra locker period will take the weight off of their hands. On the other hand, having an extra locker period might not be good for students. The extra locker period would give students more time to play in the halls. But, on the other hand, giving students an extra locker period means they might not get to class on time. I think both reasons are agreeable. We, the students, were doing good before the extra locker period. We can keep doing good without the extra locker period. We should keep things the same because, one locker period is good enough. I think having an extra locker period is good enough. What do you think?

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