By Alina L.
Grade 5, Maryland

According to my grandfather's memories the Japanese were taught that the Americans were bad so they dropped the bomb on Pearl Harbor on December 7 in the morning at Hawaii. During this time my grandfather was a 7 year old boy in Osaka, Japan which was his birthplace. When the war started, my grandfather wasn't allowed to go to school to study. Instead my grandfather and the other children his age thought it was fun since they didn't have to participate in the war and go to shool. The Japanese were scared of the airplanes, so they had to turn all the lights off in their houses so the airplanes could not target and drop the bombs. They feared for their lives. On August.5, 1945, B29 which was a type of airplane that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, that killed over 100,000 people. This bomb had a parachute on it and exploded in the air. There were alot of injured people as well. According to my grandfather it was amazing how some injured people were exposed to radiation and their ears grew big. After this bomb was dropped ten days later Japan surrendered. The Japanese believed that the Americans were a lot stronger and they felt weaker after this tragic incident.

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