South Carolina

By Sha-ri J.
Grade 10, South Carolina

A young adult, who sets high achievements and accomplishes them at an early age, is a person to admire. This paper will help you explore some of the roads she had to travel in order accomplish her goals in life. At an early age, Chrissy worked very hard in school to achieve high in academics. Even though she was active in school, she stilled remained focus on her academic requirements. Chrissy graduated from elementary school with a high-grade average. During her adolescence years, Chrissy continued to work hard in school. She was able to continue her studies and work a part time job at Finish Line. Chrissy remain active in school activities, worked part time at Finish Line, and kept her grade average high. Upon graduating from high school, Chrissy was offered a management position at Finish Line. She accepted this position, and continued to work while she continued her education at University of South Carolina. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, and offered a job-teaching students in Columbia, South Carolina. She taught school for a year and afterwards went back to school to get her master degree. After two additional years of studies, Chrissy received her Masters of Education from the University of South Carolina. Chrissy continues to strive to reach the goals she has set for herself. She recently brought real estate property and is having her home built. To have accomplished all these achievements in 24 years in life, is very seldom to find. Chrissy strived for her achievements and has a history to make her a great admirer.

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