By Conor M.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

Tom had to wear worn out shoes. He couldnĘt get new ones for a while. Food and gas was rationed. He had to save paper for the war. Tom was six years old in 1941. He went to school with air raid drills that would make his school day shorter. He saw a lot of WWII posters all around like, Uncle Sam pointing at him. He didnĘt understand what some of the posters meant. Tom didnĘt have much to do when had off from school. One thing was he didnĘt have a television to watch. So tom would go to the movies with his parents and watch newsreel. Also he didnĘt have many toys to play with. Tom usually went outside with his friends and played war. Almost everyone wanted to be on the good side. ThatĘs what Tom mostly did in his free time. Luckily for Tom no one in his family went off to war. He didnĘt want anyone to go off to war. Tom felt sad for his friends. Some of them had fathers in the war. Tom felt as that his family got closer and more protective for each other. Tom wasn't scared of the war because he knew his family was there for him. Also he wasnĘt scared because the war wasnĘt fought in the U.S. Tom felt sad whenever he heard that someone had died but, he was happy that his family was still here. When Pearl Harbor was bombed Tom was at his house with not much to do so, he was listening to the radio. Then he heard that Pearl Harbor was bombed. He got a little scared after hearing that. Then a few years later came D-Day. Tom was excited and happy. He knew more about the war than three years ago. Next year came V-J Day. Tom was very happy when he heard about this. He and his family were at the beach at the time and everyone was banging pots around the town while cheering with joy. Everybody was incredibly happy. Tom thought that the U.S was more united than ever before. Tom had faith in the soldiers.

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