By Craig T.
Grade 8, Ohio
Country of Origin: Lebanon

Mr. Farrakeen or ''Mo'' as his close friends call him is 34 years old and is a recent immigrant from Lebanon. He is of the Muslim faith and is married to another Lebanese immigrant who is a nurse. Mo is a professional photographer who took pictures of the Pope's visit to his native country and also of the violence of the war that took place. It was the war that caused him and his wife to leave. In the United States he believes that people do not appreciate enough the freedom and safety they have. He loves this nation and takes an active interest in its history and politics. He wants to contribute to his new home and not be a burden. He says Lebanon is beautiful. Near Beirut there are mountains, the sea, plains, it is every kind of landscape a person could want. Most people live in apartments, land is very expensive because it is limited. Cleveland gets very cold compared to his home. He often calls his parents and misses them a great deal. His wish though is to stay here and work hard in his new home. The biggest barrier is language. Mo speaks five languages and finds that American is by far the most difficult to learn. He takes classes at night with his wife to improve upon what they know.

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