By Cathleen .
Grade 11, Washington
Country of Origin: Germany

Moving from one culture to another was an experience that Fabian would never forget. In August of 1997, Fabian and his family were on their way to a foreign country, which they'd only read about coming to. Harald, Fabian's father, brought his family to America on a work visa. He works in the field of orthodontics (braces for teeth).

''It was scary moving from one culture to another,'' said Fabian, noting that it was an experience that he'll never forget.

Fabian is only 15 years old and is trying to learn a foreign language along with his brother, Triston, who is nine. Fabian's sister didn't make this journey to America because of college, but she visits on any holiday she can.

Fabian's mother, Caroline, misses her hometown already. ''Our village was comforting, home-like with nothing to be afraid of,'' she says.

Fabian's first impression of his new country was that everything (the buildings and towns) was newer than in Germany. ''There're many castles, old churches, and old buildings, much different than America.''

The schools there are stricter and the students spend at least three hours on homework every afternoon. You respond to your teachers as if they were king or queen (very formally). Fabian picked up a lot of English from his friends. Fabian had said, ''English is the easiest language in the world, except for German, of course!''

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