By Patsy C.
Grade 8, Ohio
Country of Origin: Italy

Michael Posante is a young immigrant who was born in Italy but raised almost entirely in the United States. His family raised him with all of the ''old country'' traditions. Mike's parents spoke Italian at home and he therefore had to speak both languages.

He has visited Italy a lot with his parents and says even though it is very beautiful he still thinks the United States is more than a match.

What I found interesting was how immigrant families like to keep their old traditions and live with or nearby people who are the same. Because of this it was hard for Mike and others like him to become fully ''American.'' At school he spoke English and played with his friends of other cultures. At home he spoke Italian and knew only other Italian immigrants or their families.

He says it was difficult when you are young but he appreciates the value of his upbringing now.

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