North Carolina

By Devon T.
Grade 5, North Carolina

Dale is the person Interviewed I was glad I interviewed him. Dale was 25 when it all happened. He lived in Pearl City. He was in the Navy. He was stationed on Ford Island. It all happened on Sunday morning at 8:00. The GanoĂs heard a real loud explosion. Dale went outside and saw a Japanese airplane. (He could tell by the emblem on the side that it was not American.) He rushed to the Naval base and saw boats sinking and burning. He saw some sailors dead and injured. He said he was very scared. The first bomb he heard sounded very close by but was really at Fort Island. The Japanese dropped torpedoes in the water. Airplanes that were on the ground were destroyed. Dale was shocked that Japanese sank 21 American ships and killed 2,338 sailors and civilians (Regular people who work but are not in the Navy.) There were many sailors were trapped in some ships when they sank. Some Japanese lived in Hawaii when they were born and theyĂre parents and grandparents, that nothing to do with the bombing. When interviewing Dale he felt like the President (F.D.Rooseevelt) could have warned us (he was aware of the attack.) He also said, ˘ people have idea what it is like to be in the middle of bombs and you donĂt feel safe at all.÷ I was glad I got to interview Dale.

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