By Andy S.
Grade 8, Ohio
Country of Origin: Argentina

Diego is an exchange student at our high school. He was born in Argentina and is spending the year here. His family lives in an area of Argentina where the main industry is raising cattle. It is west of Buenos Aires in an area called the ''Pampa.''

Diego speaks English very well and says that almost every student at his school does too. He explained that English is the language of business people throughout the world and it is probably taught as a second language everywhere.

Not many American students speak a second language. I don't know if we are lucky or if we should be working to do the same. Diego's school is much the same as ours though soccer is much more popular.

He is trying many different sports while he is here. Diego also told me that computer equipment is much less expensive than it is back home. We have much more to buy at lower prices than we realize.

Diego likes the United States and would like to attend a university here because our schools are the best in the world.

If given the chance I should like to visit his home to see what it is like someday.

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