By Josh B.
Grade 12, Ohio
Country of Origin: Romania

Ruset is a local wrestling coach who came to the United States about ten years ago. He has helped teach myself and my teammates wrestling during the summer.

Ruset was born and spent most of his life in Communist Romania. He was a ''Sports Master'' and a world level wrestler. In his country it was possible to make a good living as an athlete and coach working for the government.

Ruset decided that living under Communism was not a very good life and he and his wife managed to escape. Once in the United States, it was very difficult for him to make a living. In the U.S, there are no full-time wrestling coaches or Sports Masters. He would have to have been a teacher in a school district.

He said that when he went to get a job if there were seven people in line he was ''ninth'' because of the language barrier.

Ruset spoke five languages but very little English. He had competed all over the world and was especially familar with Europe. This was of no value here. His competitive drive would not let him give in. He learned the language, earned a real estate license and now sells commercial property.

He still travels back to Europe for several weeks each year for vacations with his wife. He is starting a business selling property both here and in Europe. His experience and knowledge of Europe has paid off for him.

He can now go back home to Romania because there is no longer a communist goverment. Other problems and changes are taking place all of the time but at least it is still ''Romania'' to him. He enjoyed wrestling and sports and misses it a lot. He hopes to start a world class training camp here soon. He helped one of Cleveland's local wrestlers to win a silver medal in the Atlanta Olympics.

The wonderful part of America he says is that you are what you make yourself to be.

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