By  Lisett G.
Grade 4, Illinois
Country of Origin: Mexico

My name is Lisett and I interviewed my uncle called Alberto.He came when he was 18 yearsold.He came with my granfather in a airplane.He had to pay 125 dollars to come to the U.S.A.When he came he said that he saw lots of snow and it was so cold here.He said thet the hardest thing to leave behind was his girlfriend and his family.He said that when he came he missed the food from Mexico and the hotness from Mexico.Also when he came he had to live with some friends because he did't have a house to live in,when he first came here he lived in Rosall IL now he lives here in Aurora.He had to work alot to make alot of money to buy a house and now he is trying to bring his family in Mexicoso they can have a better life here.

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