By Vivian R.
Grade 4, Illinois
Country of Origin: Mexico

Hi my name is Vivian and I interviwed a immigrant named Maria L.R.As we know and call Mrs. Rojas.Born in Mexico city.She said I miss my country and alot of relitibs .It was hard she said to cross the [frontera] and you wonder how she came here?Well first they came in a plain then some of the miles they had to walk but then they went back to the train station .She came was welcomed to the U.S.A. even do she was a little old . After some months she got married and she thanked all the pepole that helped her .It was hard but it was for there future.She knew that the had to change her name because her name was Maria de L. know its just Maria R. but that will not afect her future.Now she is a citizen and has a sons 2 nice, 2nefuse and she will never forget her parents.

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