By Chad M.
Grade 6, Georgia

Pearl Harbor was a beautiful harbor set in Hawaii. In 1941, the Japanese attacked it with a full blown force. They had been planning this for almost six years now. The attack came in two waves; the first one was to have low flying bombers and the second wave to have high flying bombers. But there was one thing: how were the Japanese going to make a flight from Japan to Hawaii on a tank of fuel? That question was finally answered by Admiral Yomomoto. He said take large aircraft carriers just a little ways from Hawaii and let the Japanese fly from them. Back in Hawaii, the soldiers were in their ships, asleep while the commanders and officers were drinking there morning coffee. Everything seemed okay. But when a radar picked up some aircraft, which were the Japanese, the Americans just said that some soldiers were taking a practice flight. But that wasnt the case. The Japanese surprised attack. It was awful. Torpedos going into ships, the Japanese firing their machine guns. Two ships, the Oklahoma and Arizona, were hit badly. The Oklahoma was hit first, turning over on its side. Then came the real disaster. The great ship Arizona, was hot head on by a torpedo. it sunk with 2400 passengers on board. There is a memorial in Pearl Harbor today that is over the sunken ship Arizona. It still leaks oil out of it. The Japanese rode on killing lots of people. Once the attack was over, the presidents in Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt, gave a speech saying there is now a continental war with the Japanses Empire. Then a few days later, the German's declared war on the US. It was just what the American's didnt want to get into. But that is a whole other story.

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