By Limor s.
Grade 8, Oregon
Country of Origin: Israel

My trip to the U.S... Have you visited Israel? If you have not and you want to know more about it, don't miss out!!!!!!!!! Continue to read! Hi my name is Shay. I was born in Israel. I immigrated from Israel. I moved here because of my dadÆs job. I really like it here, itÆs beautiful and amazing but I miss my friends, and my home. IÆm going to stay here three more months, if not more. I brought one special item from Israel- my friendsÆ picture. I like my school, and my new friends here but I miss ny old ones from Israel. Before I came here I was in Arizona. When I was in Arizona I went on a lot of trips to Las Vegas, Los angeles, Disneyland, Grand Canyon, Sedona, San Francisco, San Diego, Canada, and Flagstaff. It was so fun there but I still want to go back . IÆll miss the U.S.

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