By mustafe b.
Grade 8, Oregon
Country of Origin: Somalia

Farhiyo was born in Somalia in 1991. In 1992 there was a war going in Somalia. There were two groups fighting to be the president. They killed a lot of people because they wanted to be the president of Somalia. Farhiyo and her family moved to Kenya. In 1993 there were people who were fighting in her country. Farhiyo mom wanted her child to be safe but the country was not safe country. Farhiyo∆s and her family moved to Kenya for better life, but it was not safe because in that time Somali∆s were fighting. Farhiyo∆s mom did not like Kenya there were gangs killing the families and kids. In 1999 Farhiyo mom and two of her children moved to the U.S. Six years later, her mom asked the U.S. government if she could bring her family to the U.S. Then the O.S. said ''yes'',∆∆ you can bring your family. Then Farhiyo∆s family came to the U.S. Farhiyo liked the state that she came to. Three years later Farhiyo wanted to go school. On the first day she didn∆t liked the school because she did know anybody to talk with because no one could speak her language. After two years, Farhiyo liked the U.S. cause the U.S. is better than Somalia because Somalia is one of the most dangerous place on the Earth. Farhiyo liked the U.S. and she has better life than when she was in Somalia. Farhiyo goes' Westview High School in Beaverton, Oregon. Farhiyo wants to be a doctor so that she can help her country. Farhiyo would like to help the Somalia people who are sick.

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