By Amninder j.
Grade 8, Oregon
Country of Origin: Somalia

A Family From Somalia Let me tell you about a story about a girl from Somalia. Her whole family came to United States because her parents wanted to get a better life and education. She was born in Somalia and lived there for one year and then moved to Egypt and lived there for six years. Then she moved to United States in 2000. First she came to the taxes and lived there for one month. She moved to Portland in 2002. She has seven members in her family who were born in Africa. Her one brother and one sister were born here. She likes to live in United States because she thinks that she has a better life here and a better education. In her country education was hard to study. She misses her friends in Somalia and Egypt. She had a lot of fun there. She has never been back to Egypt since she came to the United States, but she is planning to go to Egypt next summer! BY: Amninder

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