By Trong T.
Grade 8, Oregon
Country of Origin: Vietnam

Story Of An Immigrant Man Have you ever tried to run through two countries in a dangerous condition? If not, I can tell you a story of a man who ran from his country through two other countries. His name is Le. He was born in Southern Vietnam in 1950. He became a soldier in 1968. In this year, the war between North and South Vietnam got worse; many thousands of people died. His parents told him to keep going to school, but he did what was in his mind. He joined the Vietnam Navy. He was in the Navy for seven years before South Vietnam was defeated by North Vietnam in 1975. He was arrest by North Vietnam soldiers because he was a soldier of South Vietnam. He lived in jail for 3 years, then they released him to go home. When he came back to his home, he planned to flee from Vietnam and he did try it, but he failed many times. In 1988, he successfully fled from Vietnam. He ran through Cambodia to come to a refugee camp in Thailand. He stayed in the refugee camp for five years. Finally, the United States government accepted him to come to United States. He left the camp in 1993. When he came to United States he lived with his brother in Oregon. His brother came here in 1979. When he just came to United States, he got a cleaning job. In the second year he lived here, he applied for a job in an electronic company and they hired him. Hes working in that company still today. When he lives here he feels comfortable because he does not need to be afraid of the current government of Vietnam. He thinks United States is a Democratic country because in this country we can choose the leaders, but in Vietnam the people have no rights to choose. This person had a hard life in his country, but now he lives very happily with his family. He is also a successful immigrant. By: Trong

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