By shamso a.
Grade 8, Oregon
Country of Origin: India

A Friend to America by;shamso Have you ever heard about a country called India? I will tell you about a friend who moved from India. She moved here at the age of 6. She immigrated from India in 2000. Her mom and her came. Her dad bought them tickets to come here. She didnĂt want to come here, but she did to have a better life and to see her dad. Her mom brought special things like a necklace and a picture to remember the family and friends. They first landed in California and lived there for 6 years and started a new life. Then they moved here to Oregon in Oct. 15, 2000. She had to make new friends and go to a new school and meet and teachers. ˘But this was a better place for us,÷ she said. Last year,she went to India on November 15 and came back January12. She went to a wedding and visited her family and friends. She feels happy here. She knows her native language, but she also knows English and is happy to feel smart.

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