By Awadia  D.
Grade 12, Washington
Country of Origin: Sudan

My name is Awadia I am from Sudan and I move here when I was 14 years old.We decided to come to America was to go to school and have a better life.My mom make us to come here because to have a better education.I first hear from my mom was talking about it.When I hear about coming to America I feel sad and happy at the same time.I feel sad because if I my friends,familys.I was happy because if I come to America I will have a education to help my country people who are poor over there in Sudan. My trip was hard because I didn't sleep so long and the America people was speaking with us in English we didn't know what they said.It take me 2 days to come here.We have to have a passport to come here and the airplan people have to check it.I got here by the airplan.In the Sudan if the presidents know that you coming to the U.S.A they will not let you come here. My first few week in the U.S.A were hard because we didn't speak any English.I didn't like how the place looked because in Sudan we didn't have any snow but in the U.S.A have a snow.It looked so different the people in the U.S.A wear a short clothes but in my country you can't wear a short clothes for the women.

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