By Nini T.
Grade 10, Washington
Country of Origin: Vietnam

I came here with my parents. I didn't know the causes why I came here. I didn't have another way to choose. I just knew they want to better for me about anything. I heard it when I was young, very young. The that day I was a little girl and didn't know about things. I was 2-3 years old. I didn't think coming here was a good idea or not. I cared a cold weather. I didn't like here, because it didn't make me smile more than Vietnam. I could go to play anywhere. It had a warm weather. It was very happy when a Christmas, New Year or.....I loved it much!! I got here by an airplane. It was so hard for me because it was a first time. It took about 19 hours from Vietnam to here. I slept during the trip because I was very sad and tired, I could cry if I didn't sleep. My first week was so bored, sad and I always missed my grandmom, uncle, aunt, little baby, my good neighbor and all of my friends. I cried everyday but just when I slept. I didn't want to my parents know about that. I knew it was very bad. But I couldn't tell lie myself that I just loved Vietnam. It was freedom, I could go anywhere I like. I could meet my friends anytime and went around the city to relax. It was fun and very happy...That was my lovely life!!

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