By Sung H.
Grade 9, Washington
Country of Origin: South Korea

I have been living in America for about 5 years. I experienced a lot of things by coming here. When I first heard about going to America I was excited but I was sad in one part, I had to left my friends and families in korea and I can't see them for while. The reason we were going to America was my brother's education, he couldn't join with people in schools also,teachers did not care about students coming to school or not so, we had to live in other country to make my brother study. Reasons we choose America was my aunt and my ancle was living in there also, We heard about America's education and we decide it will be good for my brother and me. First it wasn't easy for our family to decid to live in other country because cultures and language were different, but it was also chance to have a new life by having more freedom and more opportunities. We had serveral problems. First, We did not had enough money to start business in America and My brother's passport have been expired so we had to left him with my grandma's house till new passport get out. Seconly, Another thing I experienced was fiding planes for about 12hours and waiting for the plane for about 3-5hours. I likedpart when we rode planes but I hated when we wait for the plane. But, in Japan airport we went to shopping and look around the airport it was fun to spend my time. After riding air plane I was exhusted but it was great experiences. Starting from riding planes for 2hours to Japan and waiting for the plane for few hours then, rode plane for about 10hours to seattle was unforgettable memory.I hope I could ride air plane again. Finally, first few weeks of living in America was very boring. I couldn't start school because my parent were in Tri-Cities to find a business and I was with my aunt in Yakima. I went to shopping and help with gardens but it was still boring. But, now I wish I could go back and not go to school and help my aunt again. In conclusion coming to America was most memorable moments in my life, deciding to America through now. Starting from going to America for my brother's education problem, rode planes for about 12 hours and something I felt in first few weeks of living in America. Those memorys are very specialfor me,but most special memorys was living in Korea with my families and my friends.

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