By Vadym K.
Grade 11, Washington
Country of Origin: Ukraine

When I heard that my parents where talking about moving to America.At that time I was so lucky and I told it to all of my friends. My friends started to laugh of me and said something is wrong with him, he want to go to America with out knowing any English. My teacher from English class try to work hard with me, but I didn't learn it. When I come home from school, I saw my father sitng by the table with lots of paper around him and with phone in his hands. He was making call to get tickets for airplane to America.On desember 3, 2003 I and whole family took the most significant things to have at first days in America. Before leaving Ukraine, my teacher and all of students that was in my class come to my house to say good-by.My ouncle took as to airport which is 300 miles away from ours house.The trip took as for 19 hours.When we come to america I saw my cousins with my ouncle waiting for us.Over night we had a big parthy. The first two weeks went oway very fast. At first day I went to my cousins house.I was playing games and did lot's of funny things.My parents with my ouncle looked for a house to rent. When we moved to ours house that we rented I felt very bord, because I didn't know the way how to get to my cousins house. There where no one who lived around ours house who can speak my language or have kids of my age. My mother with her friend regusterd us to Hanford High School. I was in eight grade, the kids and school looked to me so bord. When I come home from school, I told to my parents I dont want to go to school and I don't want to live here in America, I want to go home to my country.Less then one month almost in our family got sick of the weather. My parents had bad feeling of america, because they didn't speak English and for every apoitment they had to ask someone to go with them and translate for them.We all learn Englishi very fast and less then one year my parents took me to translate for them.In every single day life got easier, and now my parents said that they want to live in America and asked their friends who live in Ukraine to come to America.

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