By Rachel .
Grade 5, California
Country of Origin: Guatemala

I interviewed Rosa. She emigrated from Guatemala, Central America. Rosa came to America in 1974. She came to America because as a nurse in Guatemala they only payed her $80 a month, and she couldn't support her family.

Rosa's husband came to America before she did. When she came to America, she came by bus. It was very cold on the way, but other than that the trip was okay.

Rosa's first impression of America was the freeway, and all of the different cars. When Rosa left Guatemala, she brought nothing with her except a tiny amount of food and money and no clothes but the ones she was wearing.

When Rosa got here, she sewed for people. After that she became a housekeeper. When she was a teenager, Rosa loved to dance, swim and loved riding her bike. She liked basketball, and she made special tamales. In Guatemala, she walked with no shoes or socks on because her family was poor.

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