By Morgan T.
Grade 1, Georgia

My Thanksgiving Day was spent in Washington, D.C.
It was a fun Day. I watched my grandmother, mother and aunt cook the dinner.

My grandmother let me put marshmallows on the potato souffle. She also baked my favorite sweet potato pies.

For the Thanksgiving dinner, we had all kinds of sweets, vegetables, salads, and meats. My favorite was the sweet potato pie.

Just before dinner my mother let me set the table with her. I folded the napkins and put the glasses on the table.

We had my family and two other families. There were three other families invited. I counted twenty people total.

After dinner, the children got to know each other while the adults help put food away and make takeout boxes.

Everyone played all kinds of board games until we were tired. It was getting late and the guests left. My family waved good bye and good night.

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