By Ryan W.
Grade 5, Maryland

Karl A. Baranek Sr. joined the Navy in 1938. He was in training for World War 2 but by the time he finished flight school and was able to go to war, it had ended. Everyone was joining to fight in the war. It was just the right thing to do at the time. He was brave enough to serve our country at age eighteen.

He was in training to go to War as a pilot. He had studied in a classroom and then in flight. After he studied very hard for many hours he was able to earn top twenty-five in his class. He attended bootcamp in the Great Lakes, Illinois. He earned his wings after training for so long and he was very proud of himself.

Since the War ended as soon as he got his wings, he went back home. He was at age twenty-five when he left and he married my great grandmother (Mary O. Baranek). They later had three children and lived happily ever after in Mayo, Maryland for over fifty years.

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