By Ashley B.
Grade 5, Maryland

Michael’s life in the navy
By Ashley B

Michael says “That our country is worth fighting for!”
Michael went to boo camp for 16 weeks. He went to the navy so he could get a good education for college. He served for the FFG-50 USS Taylor
He was to travel over thirty-two countries in the navy. Isn’t that cool? Among all those he went to France, Egypt, Spain, Cuba and Africa. He liked going in different countries. He saw so many cultures.
He was over whelmed when he went to war. His duty on the FFG -50 USS Taylor was exhausting. He had to stay up from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM grudging the ship as other slept. He was sad because he missed his family. His ship caught on fire and they had to evacuate. Now he is a successful man.

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