By Ally A.
Grade 5, Maryland

Joe’s Broken Wrist
By: Ally A

Some kids break bones, but some don’t fall out of trees and break them usually. Well, my dad Joe Abell did when he was twelve. He was upset when he heard his wrist was broken, he was alone in his backyard climbing a tree when he fell.
Joe was upset when he fell and broke his wrist.
“When they first told me, I broke my wrist.” I was in shock, I told my parents what happened “Iwas climbing a tree and I fell out and no one was there to help.”After he wrist was healed and his cast was off, he played soccer for UYC at Naval Academy at there field. He got his first dog named, Holly. “I was twelve or thirteen.” Joe got Holly around the time he broke his wrist. She was really sweet and super nice to Joe.
Joe had a lot of feelings during: soccer, braking his wrist and getting a dog. Joe was scared and upset when he broke his wrist. He felt happy and excited playing soccer at Naval Academy’s field. He also felt joyful when he got Holly his first dog.

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