By Lucia R.
Grade 11, Virginia
Country of Origin: El Salvador

This autobiography is about my life before and after I came to the U.S.A. My name is Lucia and I am 19 years old. I decided to come to the United States from El Salvador because in the U.S.A. I have more opportunities for progress. First I will tell you about my life in El Salvador, next my life in U.S now, and finally what my dreams into U.S. are.
My life in El Salvador was so fun because I had many friends, but the most important thing to me was that I lived with my grandparents. They are like my real parents because I lived with them for about 15 years after my parents decided to came to United States. In El Salvador I had more time for everything like sleeping, and eating traditional food like pupusas, tamales, and going to the traditional carnival of San Miguel. All this is fantastic but I had to sacrifice my culture, my family, and friends to find a good future.
My life in the U.S now is so different. I have lived here for about two years and I don’t speak English very well. First I have to learn English to graduate from High School and try to adapt to this new culture. I also have to learn to live in a society with many people from different countries. With my family I feel comfortable because I have a lot of confidence with them especially with my parents because they have a lot of influence in my life. They give me a lot of advice like “don’t cut class,” “and you have to pay attention in class to earn good grades.” Now I am here and I have the opportunities to find my future into U.S.A.
My dreams in the United States are to write and speak English very well and graduate from High School and then go to college and finish my career. I would like to live in New York City and have a very nice business. I have to put forth major effort to achieve my dreams and put in top the name of my family.
My life between El Salvador and United States is different in many ways like the language and the culture, but I have a big opportunity to stay here and find my way to make the best future that I want. I learned that if I want progress in this country or in any country I have to give up many things including family. Why I decided to come to the United States? I decided come to U.S.A because in this country I have more opportunities and a better future.

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