By Eduardo R.
Grade 10, Virginia
Country of Origin: Mexico


Final draft
My immigration experience

My name is Eduardo I came from Mexico 2 and a half years ago. First I will tell you about my background information, then how my immigration experiences were and lastly my life now in the U.S.
I am going to talk about myself. My nationality is Mexican and I was born there in 1992. I grew up in Mexico until I was 13 years old. My life there was really cool living with my grandparents. Now I am in the U.S. and I am in 10th grade of high school. My favorite hobbies are to play soccer almost everyday with my friends, listen to music like electronic, hip hop, and pop. My favorite food is Mexican food for example, enchiladas, mole, tamales, etc. I am friendly, respectful, and I help other persons.
My parents decided to bring my brothers and me to the U.S in 2003, finally my father started a process for our residences and it took a year and half. On December 16, 2004 my father called us and said that we were going to come to the U.S. I was so happy because I was going to see my mother and my two little twin sisters. So, the date for our residences was on January 7 in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. We passed the night of December 31 with the whole family in Mexico and the next day we traveled to Ciudad Juarez. We stayed there for almost a week then we got our residences on January 7. Then we went with immigration and they stamped our passport. That day we were exited we crossed the border and we went straight to VA. It took one night and a day to get to Alexandria, VA. I was sad but my father told us “don’t worry, now we are going to U.S and soon we are going to came back.” The words that my father told us we reminded him in the next year and “he said” I remember what I said and we are going to Mexico pretty soon. The time past and after one year and a half living in the U.S, my father said we are going to visit our relatives in Mexico during the summer. We did it we went to Mexico. We enjoy it and were pretty good experiences there visiting our relatives.
Now I am living in Virginia with my parents, 4 sisters and 3 brothers. I feel comfortable in this country and I am learning more English every day. I have been here in the U.S for almost 3 years, the freedom here is not as cool like in Mexico. I said that because here in the U.S when you meet new people you don’t know anything about them. Instead in my country I know almost everyone where I live. You know what they like to do and if they are good people or not. My goals in this Country or in my Country are to become a professional soccer player or have other career in sports or maybe I will go to Mexico to do it. My life now in the U.S is really good and I am going to make my goals true.
When I first came to the U.S I met new friends from different parts of the world like El Salvador and other states of Mexico. Something that I learned from coming to U.S was that I am fortunate to come into this country legally and is something that not too many immigrants don’t have, and is a great opportunity for my future in this country. My English language is getting better every day and I am going to keep that up. Now my life is different then before because now I speak new language, new culture, and now my family is together. Now every summer we go to visit our relatives in Mexico and are really cool vacations because my parents stay away from working and the whole family together enjoys the vacations visiting relatives.

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