By Phuong T.
Grade 9, Virginia
Country of Origin: Vietnam

Where are you from? Iím from Vietnam. This autobiography is about important parts of my life. First, I will tell you about my background information. Then, I will talk about my experience coming to the U.S and lastly I will describe my life in the U.S now.
Iím Phuong and Iím 14 years old. I live with my parents and my older brother. My favorite sports are swimming and walking. Theyíre very good for my body. In my free time, I usually listen to music, it make me comfortable. I like listening to Vietnamese and American music. My favorite foods are hamburgers, pizza, sushi and all food made by my mom. Iím friendly and generous with everybody.
My immigration experience is a long story. First, I took an airplane from Vietnam to Hong Kong. I went with my family. That was the first time I went on an airplane. I felt very sad because I must leave my grandmother and my friends to improve my life. It took 2 hours from Vietnam to Hong Kong. I waited there to change another plane. Then, I went to the Los Angeles. Itís the longest trip in my immigration, almost 12 hours. During the trip I couldnít sleep. I felt tired because itís so far. I stayed there 4 hours. My father bought a hamburger for me and my brother. After that, I took a new plane and went to Virginia. When the airplane flew across the islands, I saw the cities with many neon lights. It was very nice. I arrived to Virginia after 5 hours. I met my aunt and she said, ďWelcome to the U.SĒ.
Now, Iíve lived in the U.S for 3 months. At first, I really was worried. This place was different from my country about the culture, language, food. At school, I didnít have any friends because many peoples come from another country. They didnít speak same language. I didnít understand what my teacher said. Everything is difficult for me. But now Iím feeling good. I can speak more English and I have many friends at school. In the future, I want to enter a university of U.S.
I told you about my life, how I came to the U.S and lived in this place. I think immigration isnít easy for me because I must go to a different country, speak another language. However, in this I learned how to study English well. It helps me to grow.

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