By Bryan H.
Grade 5, Maryland

Jon Ranson went to Siberia to measure trees in that area. That may sound boring, but it was tougher than you would think. When Jon found out he was going to Siberia, he asked my mom if she would do a science blog on the expedition. Mom agreed and Jon gave her information on the expedition via satellite phone. Jon had to wake up at around five am to catch a plane at six. The plane took him to an airport in Siberia, where he was picked up by a helicopter and taken to the research site.
Jon and six other scientists got their stuff out of the chopper and hit the trail, traveling by boat and stopping to make measurements every once in a while, then they got back in their boat and paddled away.
Then they ran into a tiny problem well, the problem wasn’t very tiny, but the mosquitoes were! Finally they got out of the mosquito swarm and ate dinner.
Dinner stunk! They ate fish soup every day for the whole trip, made with nothing but raw fish. One night one scientist wanted pizza really, really bad and he wouldn’t stop going on about it.
Jon learned a lot about Siberian trees. They grow very slowly, but Jon thinks that they would grow faster if the heat increased. Jon also made four great new friends.

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