By Andrew B.
Grade 5, Maryland

Have you ever had a dad who lost his leg? Well thatís what happened to my dad. On November 18, 2006.My dad was coming home from a party. On his way back home my dad fell asleep and ran through a stop sign. After he ran the stop sign he went into the woods. After it was over, the vans whole front was smashed.

He was 41 years old when it happened. We couldnít drive the van any more because it got totaled. Luckily his friend Drew drove up on him. We he saw the van so bad he called the hospital. It was so bad they had to get him out with the Jaws of Life. If they didnít get him out he wouldnít be here right now.

After they took him to the hospital he came back home. Two weeks later he had gan green. So, he lost his leg. Since he lost his leg he looks at life differently. When it was happening there was a lot of different emotions like sadness and crying. He also learned to be a lot more careful. With his new leg. He can still do the things he use to do. And the recovery was long and painful.

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