By Nubia U.
Grade 11, Kansas
Country of Origin: Mexico

I woke up got dressed have breakfast, and headed to school. Where I received the same education as my fellow classmates. I came home to the smell of freshly cooked home meal, my mother she use to always have hot food when everyone arrived. She worked 2 blocks across from out 1 bed room apartment where i lived with my sister and her baby, my younger brother and my step dad. Me and my sister shared the living room, my mother slept in the room with my step father and my little brother. We had a fairly nice live, my mother had to work to support my sister who had stayed behind in Mexico, I would see my mother cry at night because she wouldn't be near my sister and older brother and her grandchildren. My sister had alot of problems learning this new language and getting along with people at school. She headed back to Mexico with my real father, who was the main reason my mother left him. Growing up i had to help my mother in alot of ways, i would translate her when she had to take my little brother to the clinic, i would read the bills, i would tell her what the weather would be like and all sorts of stuff. We hit a point where we had to move for some reasons, and we were sleeping in my stepdad's car in a park, there had been moments where we had no food, no money and no job. There were christmas were we had nothing. And just my hopes of getting something that day. Luckly My mother always knew how to manage the situation.

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