By Maria P.
Grade 10, Virginia
Country of Origin: Mexico

How is your life in the USA? My life in the United States is so good because in this country the people have more opportunities and have different life styles.
First I will write about my background information, next I will talk about my immigration experiences, and then about my life now in the United States.
Hi, my name is Maria and Iím from Mexico .Iím 16 years old, I am a good girl .I like all the Mexican food like tacos, tamales etc and the music that I like is duranguence, pop and a little bit rancheras.
My immigration experience was difficult when my family and I came to this country, the trip takes like one week and we came by car and we walk too for three hours. When I came to this country I was so sad because I donít want to come here because I left my friends and I miss all of them and when I was coming here I thought that I was the only Hispanic in the school and I was scared because I didnít speak English and nobody could help me, but when I came I saw many students that are Hispanics and now I have a lot of friends from different countries.
My life in United States is good because I have opportunities and I feel good in this country because I have my family with me and I live in United States for 2 years.

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