By Alvaro G.
Grade 9, Virginia
Country of Origin: El Salvador

How did I come to this country? I came by walking. I will write about background information about my life, next I will write about my immigration experience and where I walk when I came from El Salvador to the United States. Lastly I will tell you about my life in the U.S.
I am from El Salvador and I’m 15 years old. My favorite hobby is to play football. My second favorite hobby is to play soccer and I would like to learn how to play wrestling. My favorite music is reggaton, bachata, and merenque. My personality traits are to be friendly, lovely, and outgoing.
I got here by bus and car. I crossed three frontiers with my father, my sister, and my brothers. The trip took us twenty days. I came to this country because my mother and my other brother were here before, and I did miss them.
When I crossed the last frontier a policeman told me, “Welcome to the U.S,” and I said, “Thank you.” When I had my first day in the U.S. I missed my old country. Now I still miss my country always. My feeling changed a little because I have friends like I had in El Salvador. I would like to be a football player for any team. I have live in this country for 2 years and I am adapted to the United States.
I told you about myself, my immigration experience and where how I walked from El Salvador to the U.S., and my life now in the United States. I learned from my immigration experience, that when you want something you have to work for that.

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