By Sandra L.
Grade 11, Virginia
Country of Origin: Guatemala

How old are you? Im 17 years old. Im from Guatemala. I was 14 years old when I walked across the desert to come to the U.S. First I will tell you about background information about me. Second I will tell about immigration experience and third I will tell about my life in U.S now.
In my country Guatemala I liked to shopping with my family or friends. All the time when I was bored I go out to the movies or something else. When I had free time I listened music like bachata, reggeton and salsa. In my country all the time I was so happy.
In Guatemala I lived with my Aunt and my cousin. My aunt told me I need to come to U.S because all my family living in U.S. So one day I said Im want to go with my family to came to the United States I need to take the airplane from Guatemala to Monterrey to D.F is a place in Mexico I stayed like one week in Monterrey and other week in D.F end I walked like 5 or 4 hours in the desert. The person who came with my mother and I was another friend who was her friend who lived with my grandmother in Guatemala. In the desert people called Immigration because in the desert so many people walked it was so hard.
In Guatemala we had so many different animals like chickens, cows, horses, and etc. The United States have animals, but no so many like in my country. Here they have animals but the animals are in the farm. The two countries are so different.
But in my country when I was in Guatemala I was so mad and angry because I did not want to came to the United States, but when I was ready I came to this country I was happy because I can see my all family.

First I told you about my life. Then I told you about when I came to United States. Third I told you about my life how this now. Then thing I taught about United States is how is this country like is so many rule.

When I came to united state the immigration tell me welcome to U.S. If you stay in United States you need to study hard to be good girl then my mom told me, now we going to home.


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