By Lauren G.
Grade 9, Virginia
Country of Origin: Honduras

Where are you from? Im from Honduras. Im 15 years old, and when I came here I was 13 year old. First I will talk about my background information, next I will tell you about my immigration experience and lastly I will talk about my life in the U.S. now.
Im a student in West Potomac; my favorite food is Honduras food and Chinese food. I like to play ping-pong a lot. My favorite kind of music is reggueton, Bachata, merenge, salsa, pop, romantic, Punta and hip-hop.
When I went to the U.S., my family and my friends told me, I will miss you; I love you, and good luck to you. When I went here I went in car and I walked 2 hours. My trip took 2 weeks and my route was from my house to my friend house. Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula to Guatemala to Mexico to Texas to Washington to Virginia, and I bring with me my passport, a big backpack, only one nickel, clothes, shoes, and money. I came here on 10-13-05.
Now I live with my dad, my mother, my two sisters, and my brother. Now I feel sad and happy because I miss all my family in Honduras especially my grandmother, and happy because Im with my dad, my mom.
I told you about myself, when I leave my country, how good Im in the U.S. now. When I came I learn that I love my family but, I miss my grandma.

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