By Ericka E.
Grade 10, Virginia
Country of Origin: Fiji

Why did I decide came to the US? I decided come to the US, because in my country I didn’t have the same opportunities that I have here. This is an autobiography from me, about my background, my immigration experience and how my life is going now.
First I want talk about my life in my country El Salvador. My life there was very nice and I had everything that I need to be happy; my grandmothers, my cousins and my friends. I enjoyed be on my school I finished 11grade I was almost ready to go to the university. My grandmother and I always had fun day at the market, and I always drank the sodas, ate the chips, she always spoiled me. There, my favorite music was hip hop or listening that music that teenagers were listening. My favorite hobby was going to rivers, and the pools. In my country I didn’t know about Mexican food, but when I came here and I tasted it I fell in love with that food.
My immigration experience was very difficult because I came by ‘’walking” from my country El Salvador to US I came in November 15 2005. My route was from El Salvador to Guatemala to Mexico to Texas and the last stop was Virginia. I came with my cousins and an uncle. I came because my mom made me; she always told me that I did not have future there. That day I felt sad although for 14 years I had not seen my mom but I felt sorry for my grandmother. After I saw my mom I was happy to be with her. One interesting thing was on Mexico I only taste very spicy food.
Here I don’t work, I am in high school and I hope to finish my school to star to work. My life in the US is very nice I have been in here for 2 years and I live here with my mom. My first feeling was too happy because my mom shows me new things that I didn’t know. I compare my country El Salvador with US, and they have many big different in here you can earn a lot money, school are very safety, on the streets are very clean, but in my country is very poor is very danger and you can not have the same sources like on here. My futures plans are from high finished my school and find a job were I can earn money to help my mom and my grandmother.
I think that my story is interesting because it tells how my life changes in the US. I am learning many new things like English; I have made many friends from many different countries and cultures, and lastly I think this country helped me a lot to go the college and can be professional nurse.

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