By Jiraya S.
Grade 9, Virginia

..My Favorite Place..

If someone asks me, ďWhatís your favorite place?Ē I usually say ďUmm..I think my favorite place is on the roof.Ē Then they say ďWhat?Ē and I laugh when I see their faces. First Iíll write about description of sky and neighborhood. Then Iíll tell you why this place is better than any other. Finally Iíll explain why it is important to me.

Iíll describe the sky. There are many birds up there and theyíre pretty. I always look at the sunset too. The clouds change when time passes. I see the people go to their homes; also I can see my friend too.

This place is better than any place because itís silent. The silent place makes me think a lot of things. I can feel comfortable and good too. Sometimes the winds were so cold; they make me take a nap. Only I know this place, it is a secret that no one else knows, so I can do whatever I want. Once I even jumped to another roof! But I didnít go so far because I didnít want people to see me and say ďThief!!Ē Agh..!! No, I am not.

This place important to me because this is only the place I can see the whole sky. The sky always makes me feel happy when Iím looking. The sky is blue and clear. Also I can feel warm when the sun rises and cold when the sun sets. I look down from the roof and itís so noisy, I donít like it. The roof is very important because if thereís no roof, maybe I wonít see the sky.

Each person has a different favorite place. My favorite place is the roof. If Iím on the roof I can see the birds, the people and the beautiful sun. I have many feelings when Iím on the roof. I feel cold, sad, happy, any feeling. This place is important to me; No place makes me feel good like this. I can see the sky and sun because of this roof, and I would like to do it forever Ö

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